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Cramps? Bloating? Meet Our Hug In A Mug!

Oh My Flo Wellness Tea


“Raspberry lead is thought to soothe cramps and ease bloating, while goji berries may help with anxiety” – The Independent

“Packed with powerful herbs and botanical to support daily balance”

– The Metro

What our customers are saying

“On the particularly bad flare days, I have a box of ‘Oh My Flo’ tea in the office” – Heather
“This tea has been an ultimate go to for me… and it tastes delicious” – Bethany
“This tea has been a part of my routine for a long time” – Amber

Hey, We’re Our Remedy

We’re an award winning, female founded brand with a focus on sustainability and self-care. We believe in happier hormones, finding balance and caring for our planet.

Our range is lovingly made in the UK, totally vegan and packaged using sustainable materials.

What’s Inside?

The ingredients of our adatogenic tea have been carefully chosen. We love Raspberry leaf tea for our period pains!

Combining ingredients we love individually when we’re on our period, means a hug in a mug for a happier period!

Our Lovely Customers



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Our tea subscription service makes it easy to take your daily dose of adaptogens as you won’t run out each month

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