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Hey, I’m Rachel

The Founder of It’s Our Remedy

This is my story

I’ve always struggled with sleep fuelled by the anxiety of whichever ‘woman’s problem’ I was currently going through. From finding out I’d never conceive naturally to cancer cells found on my ovaries – I’ve had my fair share.

I found a really helpful way to manage my sleep and anxiety but I couldn’t find one I liked the taste of, so I’d put off taking it and the sleepless nights would creep back in and bring with it a day of exhaustion (and a craving for anything beige).

The more I learnt about the more I realised it could help others with all sorts of issues related to female health. I decided to create a brand with a difference, focused on period problems and with a person behind it who understands. We have some unique blends with various essential oils, to make them extra helpful for you.

I am incredibly passionate about our environment, which is why you’ll only ever find Our Remedy bottled in recycled packaging and printed with soy ink and also why we are the first and only company in the UK to offer plastic free re-fills.

Got questions?

Self-care is what we are all about BUT not at the cost to others. We believe this so much, we made our core value our trademark. Self-care not selfish care. Check it out 🙂 But what else makes us stand apart? Fundamentally, we are branded with empathy. This means we ensure everything we do, everything we touch is centered around what our fans like too. From helping fight period poverty, to plastic free refills, female empowerment and of course being more than just a oil, but a blend of female focused essential oils to help combat the monthly cycle – we are doing what the suits in the skyscrapers aren’t. When you shop from us, you shop Underdog. Plus we have an office cat called Raffles.

Pretty much everywhere. We do advise that we ship in good faith and ask you to be aware too of local laws and regulations to avoid disappointment. We can send Certificates of Analysis on dispatch at the buyer’s request.

Our promise to you

From plastic free re-fills to charity donations, we want to do our bit and know you do too.

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